Everyone who has ever lived on the earth is gathered together in one massive room, anxiously awaiting an announcement. They are about to discover what earth life will be all about. That is the scene that Matthew, a young college student, unexpectedly walks into when he is somehow transported back thousands of years to this massive gathering at the dawn of creation. What happens next will forever change the way he sees himself and his life.

I Have Graven Thee (Isaiah 49:16) is a new Christ-centered musical about the purpose of life. It is about that moment in heaven when God reveals His plan, and a few people who decide to support that plan in a courageous way. It was written as a stage production in 2015 and has also been adapted for a short concert-style performance.

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MATTHEW—a twenty something college student (two solos)

FATHER/SON—plays the part of both FATHER and SON (one solo)

PARSON—assistant to FATHER, confident and astute to a humorous fault (no singing)

ADAM—representing the biblical figure, at the onset of young adulthood (one duet)

EVE—representing the biblical figure, at the onset of young adulthood (one duet)

MISSIONARY 1—a young male missionary, responsible, senior companion (no singing)

MISSIONARY 2—a young male missionary, sociable, junior companion (no singing)

ENSEMBLE/CHOIR—at least twenty four individuals ages 15 and up

TECH CREW—lighting, audiovisual, music direction, staging, costume, hair/makeup